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Boyd Specialty Sleep Honored by Walmart

Furniture Today – 02/19/16 INDIANAPOLIS — Boyd Specialty Sleep has been recognized by Walmart as a No.1 vendor for complete shipments and on-time deliveries, officials said. The St. Louis-based bedding producer was recognized for its service performance during Walmart’s two-day Supplier Summit held here.

My Mattress Now Program Redesigned by Boyd

David Perry – Furniture Today – 01/12/16 ST. LOUIS — Specialty sleep veteran Denny Boyd believes brick-and-mortar stores can compete with online-only mattress retailers, and he’s introducing a revamped program to help them do just that.

Selling Sleep Goes High-Tech

Gary James – Bed Times Magazine – 04/15 A plethora of new digital tools provide powerful ways to put information about your products into the hands of today’s tech-savvy consumers. Recognizing that a growing number of consumers like to start the shopping process from the convenience of home, Boyd Specialty Sleep is in the process […]

Boyd Banks on Heritage Home Brands

Dorothy Whitcomb – Bed Times Magazine – 02/15 All of the companies that now comprise The Boyd Group evolved from a single waterbed bed store that President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Boyd founded in Columbia, Missouri, shortly after graduating from college. But back then, no one but Boyd and one banker—he was turned down […]

Mattress Support Systems: Re-framing Foundations

Bed Times Magazine – 01/15 With advances in construction and style, bed frames and foundations take on a stronger supporting role. Traditional bed frames and foundations—historically, an overlooked or undersold element in a typical sleep system—are gaining more attention lately due to enhancements in construction, styling and functionality.

Boyd debuts Thomasville, Lane Collections

David Perry – Furniture Today – 01/20/15 LAS VEGAS — Boyd Specialty Sleep continues its aggressive pace of Las Vegas introductions with a number of new bedding lines and products this market. The St. Louis-based company is headlining its efforts with new specialty bedding lines under its licensed Thomasville and Lane brands that are designed […]