Boyd Specialty Sleep Expands Licensing of Sleep Metrics

Boyd Specialty Sleep Expands Licensing of Sleep Metrics

Bed Times Magazine – 09/16

ST. LOUIS—With plans to license its patented Sleep Metrics® technology to any retailer—whether or not it sells Boyd-branded products—Boyd Specialty Sleep may be the first industry producer to offer its own proprietary, computer-based selling  process for use with any mattress brand and for any store or sales platform.

“To our knowledge, no other company has licensed its own mattress selection technology in this manner,” said president Dennis Boyd.

According to Boyd, the benefits to retailers that use the program include increased sales, higher average tickets, increased accessory sales and decreased returns.

“On the consumer side,” Boyd added, “Sleep Metrics reduces shoppers’ confusion and anxiety, narrows the selection process from a bewildering number of options to the correct number of far fewer options, boosts confidence to invest in a higher quality product, and diminishes buyer’s remorse because the consumer trusts the selection system.”

Claiming that the program changes the paradigm of how people buy and sell beds, Boyd explained that today, consumers experience retail ads and then as many as 75 percent go to the store’s website to determine if that dealer has the products or services worthy of a visit.

“But when a retailer promotes Sleep Metrics using radio, TV, newspaper and digital advertising—rather than just promoting another mattress sale–it not only drives traffic to its website but also enables the consumer to create a Sleep Metrics profile (a Comfort Index® from 1 to 4) and obtain a printout of recommended products based on height, weight, sex, sleep position and pain indices.

The consumer is then offered a free pillow if they bring their Sleep Metrics results into the store. In reviewing their profile, the RSA has the answers to all of the critical probing questions that point to the right products for that customer, a process that saves time and generates confidence that the shopper is buying the correct sleep system.

“The conversion rate of customers that bring their results to the store is about 90 percent,” Boyd said.

“We’ve repeatedly tested this advertising/selling/buying motivational cycle at multiple The Bedroom Store locations throughout the St. Louis area,” Boyd added, “and it’s proven itself over and over again.”

Ultimately, he added, consumers spend more when they believe they’re buying the right product and they place more trust in the science behind a computer-based selection system to objectively determine their needs than they do a salesperson.

Sleep Metrics also increases accessory sales because the selection system leads shoppers to additional products they need and want, Boyd said.

“Our objective is to provide retailers with a trusted sales tool they can advertise and promote, which will move customers to their web sites and then into their stores,” he concluded.

Boyd, which is also licensing Sleep Metrics to high profile, online-only retailers, said the program can be viewed at

Founded in 1977, Boyd Specialty Sleep dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a range of highly diversified specialty sleep products.

The company has earned more than 30 patents for its innovations and is strategically focused on the health and safety of consumers and on the environmental impact of its products and processes.

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