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Position Yourself for Total Comfort

If you are looking to upgrade your sleep experience then look no further than a Boyd Sleep Adjustable Power Base. The benefits of pairing your new or existing mattress with an adjustable base are so numerous that you will wonder why you waited so long to take control of your comfort.

These bases have come a long way from the adjustable ‘hospital’ beds that you may still picture in your mind. A Boyd Sleep Adjustable Bed Base blends with your decor and can be placed inside your existing bed frame. It may look just like a traditional mattress set by day, but at night it comes alive with features and options you may have never expected. Today’s bases offer relaxing massage, Bluetooth wireless speakers, zero gravity settings, memory, head tilt and snore reduction settings. Clean lines and whisper quiet motors have replaced the clunky mechanisms of the past. When you choose an adjustable bed base, you are also choosing to improve your health and quality of sleep for the ‘rest of your life’.

Turn your mattress into a gravity defying, body conforming, miracle machine.