Boyd Launches New Planet Sleep™ Line With Superior Memory Foam Design, Performance and Ultra Premium Retail Presentation

Boyd Launches New Planet Sleep™ Line With Superior Memory Foam Design, Performance and Ultra Premium Retail Presentation

Specialty Sleep Association — – 03/07/11

Boyd Specialty Sleep is introducing a new, three-model Planet Sleep™ memory foam collection aimed at giving select retailers an exclusive combination of benefits: Superior memory foam applications and comfort feels, a high-end in-store presentation, plus high profit opportunities.

According to company president Dennis Boyd, premium Planet Sleep beds are not only exceptionally comfortable, but like other Boyd sleep products, are also highly eco-friendly in their design and manufacture.

“We believe this specialty line delivers the ‘complete package’ to retailers who want luxury memory foam products that are demonstrably different,” he said. These beds incorporate from four to seven inches of our exclusive open-cell memory foam layers, feature densities of up to seven pounds and total mattress profiles of up to 13 inches. A standout in-store presentation details the unique quality, comfort and contouring support that Planet Sleep beds provide, while promoting their environmentally-conscious design and production.

Expected to retail from $1,299 to $1,999 in queen, the top-of-the-line Planet Sleep model uses three layers of memory foam atop a high-density foam support base. The top inch of memory foam lies beneath an anti-microbial bamboo-pattern cover of 100% rayon. The fabric is made from sustainable bamboo fiber, known for its moisture control ability. The middle model has five inches of memory foam, including Boyd’s patent-pending, channel-vented Stay-Cool™ layer. The Stay Cool memory foam is tri-zoned for enhanced lumbar support, improved air circulation and heat dissipation for the sleeper. Enhancing the performance of the Stay-Cool layer and the entire bed is a patent-pending FoamSpring™ Support System at the base, which also is tri-zoned and channel-vented. “Like the top number, this Planet Sleep model also includes memory foam just beneath the same eco-friendly rayon-bamboo cover,” Boyd noted. The starting model in the collection — also featured in the same fabric — incorporates both solid and Stay-Cool memory foam layers atop the company’s FoamSpring support base. All of the beds use open-celled memory foam “which spreads — rather than traps — air pressure, providing superior comfort, contouring support and a cooler sleep surface,” according to Boyd.

To effectively promote the new Planet Sleep line, the company has created a comprehensive POS program that includes matching headboards and foot protectors — both with information inserts — plus coordinated pillows, all executed in a rich, textured suede look. The program includes a mini-mattress display that helps retail sales associates explain the features and benefits of Planet Sleep mattresses.

“The ultra premium feel and performance of this line, combined with the quality in-store presentation materials we have to support it, clearly deliver the brand message we want for Planet Sleep,” Boyd said. The beds, which carry a 20-year limited warranty, also have earned Level I Seal /Tags of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Environmental and Safety Consumer Education Program, as well as other environmental awards. One such award is for the company’s “green” foam manufacturing process. Boyd’s foam is produced in a sealed chamber that uses air pressure rather than chemicals to control the foam’s properties and ultimate performance. As a result of this procedure, harmful emissions like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are contained and prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Boyd Specialty Sleep was founded in 1977 by Denny Boyd and dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a wide range of highly diversified specialty sleep products. The company has earned more than 30 patents for its innovations and is strategically focused on the health and safety of consumers, and on the environmental impact of its products.


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