Boyd Specialty Sleep Introduces a UPS-able Adjustable Base

Boyd Specialty Sleep Introduces a UPS-able Adjustable Base

Bedroom Magazine – 01/12

Boyd Specialty Sleep plans to introduce a patent-pending, manually adjustable Easy Adjust™ base retailers can UPS to consumers. The new base enables sleepers to enjoy the benefits of adjustable comfort at a fraction of the cost they would pay for an electric version.

“We expect this ‘disruptive technology,’ which also represents the industry’s first UPS-shippable adjustable base, to capture a significant share of the adjustable bed base market,” said company president Dennis Boyd.

“Our objective is to supply retailers with a wide range of alternatives to conventional foundations — options that provide durable mattress support and functionality but also aesthetically pleasing products that are extremely affordable.”

The innovative, manually operated, black powder-coated Easy Adjust base holds up to 2,500 pounds and has up to 15 settings at the head end. Unlike electric adjustable bases, Boyd’s bases are UPS-shippable — a plus for retailers and online shoppers. “Our twin XL, queen or king bases set up in under five minutes, involve few parts and require no tools,” Boyd explained. “Easy Adjust bases are also simple to understand,” he said. “The user lifts the top panel next to the mattress to the desired elevation, causing a bracket to catch the nearest notch. The base is returned to a flat position by raising the mattress a few inches and re-adjusting the base panel.”

According to Boyd, the Easy Adjust base is the industry’s first such product available in a “true king” size, made possible with simple connectors on the panel grid under the mattresses. Independent adjustments by king sleepers are possible when the two twin XL bases are not connected. Easy Adjust bases will retail at $299, $399 and $499 for the twin XL, queen and king sizes, respectively — values that Boyd said are 60 percent less than power bases with similar functions.

“Our objective is to attract the 25- to 45-year-old market that wants a queen- or king-size bed that’s adjustable, but reasonably priced. This program reaches a broader pool of shoppers who can afford the many benefits offered by adjustable sleep.” Boyd’s Easy Adjust products include safety features to prevent finger-pinching and other provisions that eliminate mattress slippage and “bridging.” The design also provides for the attachment of a headboard or footboard using an adapter kit that also permits the mattress to be adjusted at the head without affecting the headboard.

“Offering customers the ability to purchase a mattress compatible with several different support options — a traditional foundation, a stationary platform base, an adjustable power base or a manually operated version — empowers retailers to sell the comfort of the mattress with a variety of support alternatives and functions. “This sales concept gives the consumer exciting choices in sleep function and comfort, and increases the number of ways that shoppers can perceive value.”

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