Boyd Licensing Sleep Metrics Program

Boyd Licensing Sleep Metrics Program

David Perry – Furniture Today – 09/07/16

ST. LOUIS – Boyd Specialty Sleep has announced a new program to license its Sleep Metrics diagnostic selling system to retailers across the country. And the retailers don’t need to carry Boyd’s bedding lines. Boyd officials say their company may be the first industry producer to offer its own proprietary, computer-based selling process for use with any mattress brand and for any store or sales platform.

“To our knowledge, no other company has licensed its own mattress selection technology in this manner,” said Denny Boyd, president.

He said the benefits to retailers that use the program include increased sales, higher average tickets, increased accessory sales, and decreased returns.

“On the consumer side,” Boyd added, “Sleep Metrics reduces shoppers’ confusion and anxiety, narrows the selection process from a bewildering number of options to the correct number of far fewer options, boosts confidence to invest in a higher quality product, and diminishes buyer’s remorse because the consumer trusts the selection system.”

Boyd said the Sleep Metrics program “changes the paradigm of how people buy and sell beds.


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